Is my student time only for learning a profession?

« It is necessary to provide an integral formation, capable of preparing young people for life: an education that teaches them to assume responsibly their role in the family and in society with a competence that is not only professional, but also human and spiritual. »
– St. John Paul II

An integral formation

Human formation

Develop your virtues, in order to form a balanced, free and strong personality. Prepare yourself to be integrated into today’s society by placing all your abilities at the service of God and his work in the world.

Spiritual formation

Discover the Faith through moments of prayer, sharing and discussion with the other residents, with the accompaniment of the Sisters.

Moral formation

Fully develop your freedom by learning about true friendship, love, family, the meaning of life. Learn to focus on true ideals and to achieve them!

Intellectual formation

Complete your professional studies by opening up to general culture and cultivating a love of truth, the virtue of studiousness, etc.

And you, what are you doing this summer ?

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